Kennedy Glass: The Class Of 2016

Kennedy Glass History


Richard Kennedy moved his family from Joplin, MO to Lawrence, KS in 1950 and began working in the auto glass business at Lawrence Pipe and Steel Co in the Glass Division. Kennedy had a knack for the business and Lawrence Pipe and Steel Co., grew under his management. As the company grew, Kennedy acquired a financial interest in it.

In 1969, he and Herman Cohen, owner of Lawrence Pipe and Steel, constructed a building that was to house the glass company. In the next few years, several members of Kennedy’s family came aboard, including his wife, Beverly, and two of his sons. In 1973, Richard Kennedy passed away, but Beverly and her sons continued on in the operation.

The Kennedy family were able to buy out Cohen and change the name to Kennedy Glass. In 2007, Beverly Kennedy passed away. Today, the three Kennedy sons, Gary, Marty and John are co-owners of the business and have dedicated themselves to their parents’ legacy. They know their customers are very loyal and strive to ensure that the quality people came to expect under Richard and Beverly’s ownership is still achieved today.

With a staff of more than 20, you can walk into the building at 730 New Jersey St and see one or more of the Kennedy brothers working in the office or workshop today. Customers can be assured when they go to Kennedy Glass they are receiving the expertise and knowledge of the owners’ many years of experience.
Kennedy Glass is proud to be a player in the Lawrence economy and is pleased to be a part of the Lawrence thriving community while providing jobs and services for the city that helped them grow.

With more than 68 years in business in Lawrence, Ks., Kennedy Glass certainly represents the finest that Lawrence has to offer.